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Statue Ibubi Metoko (N° 18067)

All in geometry, this female statue named Ibubi , belonging to the Nkumi, former Bukota , was used as the figure kakungu for the initiation rites of male society and also played a role in mediations during litigation. Semi-mate two-tone patina. Very light cracks.
The Metoko and the Lengola, whose ritual sculptures are very close, are peoples of the primary forest dedicated to the worship of a single God, a monotheism rare in Africa. Their three-grade society, the Bukota, structured daily life and welcomed both men and women. It represents the equivalent of the association Bwami of the Lega. The sculptures played a role in the initiation ceremonies, and were then placed on the tomb of high-ranking initiates. Kakungu in particular was surrounded by other sculpted objects, including figures of the couple Ntanda and Itea, related to initiation rites and circumcision. Each of these figures had a name, just like the Lega traditions.  

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