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Statue Komtin - Monto - Nigeria (N° 12880)

French African art collection. The statuary chamba has some commonalities with that of the Mumuye. The pace is quite slender, the long arms slightly bent form a diamond and are plated on the bust.  The stocky legs are shown semi-rest lobbyists.  On a ringed neck, the face features scarifications in cat whiskers.
A grainy patina, encrusted with red pigments, takes on the whole.  Desication crack.
Installed since the 17th century on the southern shore of Benue in Nigeria, the Chamba have resisted attempts to conquer the Fulani, nomads who settled in large numbers in northern Nigeria. They are known for their famous buffalo mask with its two flat jaws extending the head. The less frequent statuary is divided into protective figures (tauwa, sing. tau) that are kept in a square to the left of the entrance to the concession, and statues of ancestors, kona.  

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African art - Statue Komtin - Monto - Nigeria
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