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Statue Ndengese (N° 16447)

An anthromopomorphic figure with realistic features, she is shown kneeling, hands on her thighs, her face imbued with serene concentration. The body is incised with losangic scarifications, adorned with wrist and ankle bracelets, indicating a high rank within the hierarchical society comprising four levels. The king etotshi was invested in elaborate ceremonies that were supposed to be a good thing. Etotoshi is also the name of the king's hairstyle and notables. The statue is encased with red tukula bark powder. Desication cracks.
Central African people based in Kasai, neighboring of the Kuba, the Ndengese form one of the clans of a common ancestor Mongo , some of them from Upper Nile. They produced statues with absent or truncated lower limbs. The Dengese sculpt male and emile statues intended to stand on the tombs of the etotoshi, royal effigies named isikimanji . The dignitaries have prestigious objects, fly-hunting, ivory sceptres, figurative cups, emblems of prestige oshele, amulets and carved hairpins. On the other hand, they adopted the masks of their neighbours, Kuba and Kete.  

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