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Statue Shango Yoruba (N° 11916)

African art Shango
This effigy of tribal art, a follower of the god Shango , judging by the double headdress and the ornaments it is adorned with, sits in order to make offerings. The emblem of the god of lightning and social justice, Shango , is a set of stone axes that he is supposed to throw from the sky during storms. The deities of the rivers are also represented by stones and by the water of the rivers associated with them. This stylized headdress representing stone axes signals the connection between the male sky and the female earth, while the child behind its back symbolizes lineage. Dark matte patina, protrusions whose luster reveals a light golden brown. The company yoruba is very organized and has several associations whose roles vary. While egbe men's society reinforces social norms, the aro unites farmers. The gelede has more esoteric and religious aims. The notables meet in a society called esusu.

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African art - Statue Shango Yoruba
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