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Statue of Congo (N° 13466)

Ex-Belgian African art collection.
This African statue Kongo has an aspect that could be attributed to the Solongo of Angola, its oval face reveals wide and fixed eyes, this " which constitutes the prerogative of an elder. Indeed, only middle-aged people can stare at us with such insistence in order to alert us to problems or odds. " Armed with the attributes of the hunter, she rests her machete on a miniature figure, a submissive enemy represented tied up. Between his feet rests a severed head, evoking power and warlike value. She is dressed in a suit made up of strings weaving raffia and canvas. Smooth, sain-like skate with ochre powder. The sorcerers nganga, both healers, were in charge of religious activities and mediation with the God called Nzambi through consecrated figures. Aggressive witchcraft kindoki is the absolute evil that must be fought. To this end, nkisis protective figures are made and loaded by the nganga of all the ingredients necessary to achieve this goal. It is not the morphology of the sculpture that determines its use, but everything that is added to the receptacle built for this destination. Source: "The gesture Kôngo" Ed. Dapper Museum.  

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Originex-collection belge
Material(s)wood, fibres de rpahia, coton
Weight3.20 Kg
Estimated dating2eme halfxx°

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