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Statue of Igbo divinity (N° 12448)

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The Igbo venerate a considerable number of deities known as alusi, or agbara, considered to be the descendants of Chuku, or Chukwu, and as such are intermediaries to whom sacrifices such as that kola nuts, silver, kaolin, are granted in order to enjoy their favors.These sculptures produced in several regions range from about forty centimeters to a human size, and are adorned with aristocratic attributes more or less elaborate.The sculptors turn out to be men, but female followers often contribute by completing the work with colored pigments.In the case of the statue presented, articulated arms, when they were positioned horizontally, indicated the will to receive the offering of the adepts, and integumentary headdress and ornaments indicate the social rank of the figure. matte, red, white and black pigments. Desiccation fissures and localized erosions. They are presented to the public only during annual ceremonies. During the year, these statues are grouped by symbolic families and venerated by the village in boxes reserved for them. Igbo live in the forest in southeastern Nigeria. They have managed to combine a deep sense of individuality with an equally strong sense of belonging to the group. Their political system is complex and little known. The village is the most important social unit, the smallest is the extended family. Each village has a high degree of autonomy and is under the authority of the oldest chief of lineage. The religion of the Igbo includes on the one hand the Chuku god, supreme creator, considered omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, and on the other hand the spirit of the earth Ala.  

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African art - Statue of Igbo divinity
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