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Statues League (N° 17037)

The anthropomorphic sculptures with arms raised above the head would evoke, according to Cameron, the one who settled a dispute through his arbitration. These figures are named kasangala . The latter appears to have been intentionally carved without an arm. Slightly asymmetrical part requiring a small adjustment underfoot (e.g., "patafix") Clear patina, remnants of kaolin. This type of tribal art statuette was kept in the ritual basket of the high-ranking officers of the Bwami, a secret society of the Lega admitting men and their wives, and governing social life. This organization was subdivided into initiation stages, the highest being the Kindi. The statuettes were used as the aspirants were introduced, cleaned and oiled and preserved. Each has a particular aspect and meaning from which always derives a moral, a proverb or a dogma. The peculiarity of the Lega, unlike other ethnic groups, is also to judge the quality of their ritual objects according to their effectiveness.
Source: " Art of the Lega" E.L. Cameron; "The soul of Africa, 9,0022 S.Diakonoff.  

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