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Statues Lobi Bateba phuwé (N° 13603)

Ex-Collection Belgian tribal art.
Represented frontally, hands arranged on either side of the sex, this African statue Lobi has a face with meditative appearance. The closed eyelids, treated horizontally like the mouth, give a serious face that leans on the chest. This ancient wooden sculpture, the Bateba, was placed on the altar after a ritual to become the receptacle of a spirit of the bush, the Thil, and thus become an active, intermediate being who fights against sorcerers and all other harmful forces. The golden patina is particularly glossy. Small xylophageal damage stopped. When they are honored, these spirits show their benevolence in the form of abundant rains, good health, many births; Ignored, they remove it and lead to devastating epidemics, drought and suffering . These spirits pass on to the soothsayers the laws that followers must follow in order to receive their protection They are represented by wooden or copper sculptures called Bateba (large or small, figurative or abstract, they adopt different attitudes that symbolize the particular power or talent that the mind uses to protect its owners). These figurines are placed on the tombs, in a dark corner of the owners' house, along with many other sculptures embodying other spirits because it takes a large number to face the many threats of the rural world of West Africa.
Source: Sculptures of the Three Volta Massa and Lauret .
Acquise by Guy Mercier, consultant for the Solvay group, who at the beginning of the 20th century began to assemble a vast collection of first art. While radiating in West and Central Africa as part of his work, and collecting in-situ works, the majority of his collection is nevertheless derived from Curiosity cabinets which abounded in European capitals during the 1920s. It also comes from prestigious galleries (Paris, Brussels, London, New York). On the death of his grandfather in the early 1980s, Jean-Charles Mercier inherited the entire collection.  

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