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Statuette Cuba (N° 17492)

Within The African kuba art, these statuettes played a role in ceremonies around the initiation of young people. Residual pigments ochre of tukula powder, which allowed, mixed with palm oil, to shape the hair in order to achieve the type of hairstyle that our character wears. Cracks.
Severy tribes make up the Kuba, whose name means clair, established between the Sankuru and Kasai rivers: Bushoong, Ngeendé, Binji, Wongo, Kété, etc. Each of them has produced a variety of sculptures associated with royalty, statues, prestigious objects, masks, frequently decorated with geometric patterns. The Kuba kingdom was founded in the 16th century by the Bushoong who are still ruled by a king. It is the most prolific group in Western Kasai. As leader of both the kingdom and the bushoong chiefdom, 'nyim', supernatural abilities from witchcraft or ancestors were attributed to him. He therefore ensured the perreanity of his subjects, whether through the harvests, the rain or the birth of the children. Ritual ceremonies remained an opportunity to display decorative arts and masks, in order to honor the spirit of the deceased or to honor the king. Three types of Kuba masks have also been associated with dances that take place in the royal precinct: the first, called Moshambwooy, represents Woot , the founder of the Bushoong sub-tribe, the hero of culture. The second, known as Nady Amwaash (Ngaady Un Mwash), plays Woot's wife/sister, a character who would have been introduced to give more importance to the role of women. The third mask is called Bwoom.  

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