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Statuette Dogon Tellem (N° 12363)

This statue of African art is part of a collection patiently collected by a dogon art enthusiast. All in front, this African tribal statue positioned standing half-flexed legs on a circular base adopts arms raised, palms joined facing forward. Her crenellated crest hairstyle prolongs her nose soaring. At the top of the head a hole was practiced. An old chipped patina, grey in colour, coats this object that has been visibly subjected to ritual libations. The object has eroded parts and desication cracks.
The southern plateau overlooking the Bandiagara cliff has been occupied since the 10th century by the Tellem and Niongom. They were then displaced by the Dogon in the 15th century, who fled the Mandé. The Tellem became the ancestors of the Kurumba of Burkina Faso.
The statuary dogon is not easily distinguished from that of the Tellem and and that of the Niongom because reciprocal influences have manifested themselves over the centuries. A recurrence: the characters with arms raised above the head, in the position of invocation, which would be an act of contrition following a drought that would have been caused by a violation of the ritual.

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