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Statuette Luba Mikisi (N° 18771)

A female figure in Luba, a protective effigy embodying a political and spiritual intermediary, a role held by women in Luba royalty. Her headdress, behind a broad headband revealing a shaved forehead, is related to that worn by Luba women at the beginning of the 20th century. Through its symbolic gesture it indicates that the secrets of royalty (the bizila) belong to women through their role as political and spiritual intermediaries. The scarifications in relief on the abdomen, horizontal on the lower abdomen, dot his bust. The umbilical has a prominence that also emphasizes its role of fertility and transmission of life. The Luba consider the efficiency of their sculpted objects according to the refinement of the latter. Satin black brown matte patina. Lack on the back of the base.
The Luba (Baluba in Tchiluba) are a people of Central Africa. Their cradle is the Katanga, specifically the region of the Lubu River, so the name (Baluba, which means the Lubas). They were born from a secession of the Songhoy ethnic group, under the leadership of Ilunga Kalala who killed the old king Kongolo, who has since been revered as a python. In the 16th century they created a state, organized in a decentralized chiefdom, which stretched from the Kasai River to Lake Tanganyika. The chiefdoms cover a small territory without a real border that includes no more than three villages.  

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