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Teke Buti fetish statuette (N° 18632)

Figure with singular morphology, beautiful decorative object devoid of arms and endowed with a bust in ringed barrel. It is carried by thick legs with damaged feet. These fetishes were usually always ritually loaded with magical elements, which is not the case here. Satin black brown patina.
Andeblis between the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon, the Teké were organized into chiefdoms whose leader was often chosen from among the blacksmiths. The head of the family, mfumu , had the right to life or death over his family whose importance determined his prestige. The leader of the clan, ngantsié, kept the great protective fetish tar mantsié who oversaw all the ceremonies. It was the mighty sorcerer and soothsayer who charged magical elements, for payment, individual statuettes. It was also according to his instructions that worship was given to the ancestors. The Teke address their god, the nzambi, through medium statues with various functions: mutinu bmamba, matomba, iteo and among statues of ancestors, the Buti, three types of statues have been identified: Buti Bwampaam for healing, Buti Bumpbyuu for hunting, and Buti Ewo for protection or revenge.  

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African art - Teke Buti fetish statuette
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