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The The Cuban Bushoong (N° 16812)

Incarnation of the king in African art Kuba
Suring divine origin for his subjects, the king with the visor hairstyle shody is depicted sitting in a suit on the royal stage, unable to touch the ground. This statue considered magical was carved from termite-resistant wood. Symbols ibol associated with his reign, allowing him to be identified, surround him, in this case a game, the lywl . Small effigies are usually slave figures. As leader of both the kingdom and the bushoong chiefdom, "nyim", supernatural abilities from witchcraft or ancestors were attributed to him. He therefore ensured the perreanity of his subjects, whether through the harvests, the rain or the birth of the children. These magical attributes, however, were not hereditary.
In the last days of the king's life, the commemorative statue placed at his bedside so that it can capture its vital energy because the object would survive him. According to Cornet (1982), these statues were intended for the sovereign's widows because after the funeral, the ndop was installed in the harem.
On the time the successor to the throne was appointed, he isolated himself with the statue in order to draw the accumulated energy and in turn share it with his subjects.

Nene, erosions on the visor.  

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Originex-collection belge
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