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Tikar statue (N° 22144)

An unusual structure, evoking a compression of volumes, for this African tikar statue: the large flattened head surmounts a stocky body supported by large digitized feet. The character's fingers come to rest above a protruding navel on the spherical bust. The legs are in a dance position, bent, as if ready to jump.
Dark brown patina crusted with ochre.
Slight cracks. Abrasions.
The Tikar people inhabit the western part of central Cameroon, which is located within the dense secondary forest of medium altitude, along the Mbam. Within this ecotone, the "tikar plain" (which takes its name from its occupants) constitutes a depression which leans respectively to the west and north to the Mbam massif (and its tributaries Mapé and Kim) and to the first foothills of the Adamaoua plateau. The structure of the kingdom is made up of a large chiefdom subdivided into quarters: the residences of the queens, children and notables. The notables constitute the hierarchy of the chieftaincy.  

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Originex-collection française
Height cm30
Width23 cm
Weight3.00 Kg

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