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Yoruba statue (N° 23474)

Cupbearers in traditional African art from Nigeria. The priestess, her face streaked with scarifications, is seated, presenting a cup with a lid, intended for offerings or divination. Offering cups, some of which were used to store kola nuts or other gifts for visitors, were once placed in royal palaces in the Ekiti and Igbomina regions of Yoruba country. The Yoruba religion is based on artistic sculptures with coded messages (aroko). These spirits are believed to intercede with the supreme god Olodumare.
Shiny patina. Powdery deposits. Subtle color highlights. Slight cracks.
Within the Yoruba pantheon, Orunmila is the "orisa" deity who is consulted in the event of a problem through ifà divination thanks to the diviner babalawo (iyanifà for a woman). (source: "Yoruba", B.Lawal, 5 continents)  

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OriginEx-Collection française
Height cm64
Width17 cm
Weight3.70 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960

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