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Zula/Luba-Maniema cup holder (N° 21916)

The Zula, Zuri, Wazula, also called Luba-Maniema, established in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the north of the Luba territory, produced this type of seated female figures, with an "mboko" offering cup, carved motifs also reproduced under the shape of caryatids for the stools of dignitaries.

From the end of the 19th century, an iconoclastic raid, under the influence of Islamic occupiers, caused most of the ritual sculptures of the Zula to disappear. The latter nevertheless safeguarded the cult of the ancestors, the cult devoted to the alunga spirit, and perpetuated the use of offerings to the spirits of nature.
Zula society, divided into castes, has its origins in the Luba. The Zulas became associated with the Arabs (Tippo Tip) during the 19th century in the ivory and slave trade.

Details of this sculpture, such as the headdress and facial features, are imbued with the Hemba influence.
Glossy black patina, indigenous restorations, cracks.


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OriginEx-collection suisse.
EthnyZula, Wazula
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, perles
Height cm44
Width19 cm
Weight2.15 Kg

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