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Etoffe Nshak, Ncak Bushoong (N° 18043)

Prestigious fabrics among The African Art Objects Kuba.
Products in Zaire by the Shoowa, Bashoowa, mainly, Subgroup Kuba , these fabrics forming real paintings of first art, are made of a textile base in raffia. The geometric patterns formed represent the body scarifications of the ethnic group or take the decorations of the sculptures. These refined fabrics were intended to be used at the royal court, as a seat or cover, to enhance its prestige. In many cases they took the value of money, or they also followed their owners into the grave by covering the body of the deceased. It was King Shamba Bolongongo who introduced the weaving technique to Kuba country in the 17th century. He had previously introduced the Kuba to the art of forging. It was the men who softened the fibers of young palms and bark to make long threads, which was a delicate and laborious exercise that took several months. The embroidery was then the prerogative of women, originally pregnant women. It was the Bushoong women, a Kuba sub-tribe from which the Nyim king was chosen, who adorned the fabrics with cured patterns, embroidered motifs, or pearls. This piece of fabric was made up of different panels sewn together to form the men's ceremonial skirt mapel, or feminine, ntshak , whose decorative motifs were adapted to the social rank of the owner. These were mainly worn at the funeral. Excellent condition.
Sources: Kuba (c) 5Continents and Masterpieces of African Art Larousse; African Art Kerchache, Paudrat and Stephan  

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Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)fibres de raphia
Weight1.04 Kg
Estimated datingcontemporain

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Etoffe Ntcak

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African art - Etoffe Nshak, Ncak Bushoong
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