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Fon Fetish Throne (Rare)
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African art > Trone > Fon Fetish Throne (Rare)

Throughout its history, African Fon art has been imbued with Yoruba and ewe creations according to migration and trade. However, this art cannot be reduced to these two influences. Indeed, the Fon themselves have brought their originality to their statuary.
In particular, voodoo or vodun, a religious cult whose name comes from a variant of the Yoruba word meaning "dieu", is found in them.

This fetish throne, ritual object, imbued with great strength, exceedingly rare, was harvested in 1988, comes from the house of a fetishist, it represents his power, when you enter the house of a fetishist who owns this throne, you know that you have in front of you an outstanding fetishist, a true sorcerer whose power is recognized by all. It is this throne that represents the power of ...

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