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Gouro loom (N° 16484)

Everyday aesthetics for African art in Côte d'Ivoire. In Côte d'Ivoire, the most ordinary objects had to meet aesthetic criteria. Furniture, ornaments, utensils, fabrics, are pretext for a refined artistic expression on the part of sculptors.
The cotton weaving technique has spread to West Africa thanks to the displacements of the Dioulas. Prior to colonization, cotton-fibre textiles, the latter described as " white gold", were also used as a bargaining chip. Prestigious adornments, the woven ceremonial loincloths, sometimes in large numbers, accompanied the chefs in their tomb, among the Kuba, but also among the Baoulé.
This smooth pulley stirrup represents a bat, whose behavior evokes, for the Gouro, the occult world and divination in particular, its bones being used in mouse oracles. The figurative motifs of these pulleys are spread in a wide variety: cephalomorphic or zoomorphic in the Baoulé and Gouro, the Senoufo, on the other hand, frequently adorned them with calao figures. Dark brown grainy skate.
Ref.: "Africa, the hands of the world" J.Anquetil  

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