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Timba Baga Drum (N° 14328)

The Baga live along the Atlantic coast of the Republic of Guinea in West Africa. They are one of the smallest ethnic groups in Guinea, and have lived relatively isolated from their neighbours because of the vast swamps that surround them. They have, however, left a vast artistic legacy, which includes crests, figurative sculptures, masks, and everyday objects such as musical instruments.
This drum named timba, and matimbo in neighbouring groups, was played during the initiation ceremonies of the members of the association A-Tekan , on the occasion of the funeral of its members or for the wedding of their daughters . It is by its size that this drum differs from the other drums used in the A-Tekan, which requires its user to stand to play the instrument. He also intervened during the initiation into the secrets of pharmacopoeia.
The soundbox is classically stretched with a skin, the membrane of which is held by a dssimulated clot under a cotton cloth, and offers flanks enhanced with faces and symbolic motifs. It is supported by three characters-carytids standing on a circular base: a male and female figure placed on either side of the central subject, a horse sculpture. The surface of the object is abraded, criss-crossed, locally encrusted with powdery residues composed of beige pigments. Source:" Baga" D. Berliner  

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Originex-collection Moreno
Material(s)wood, peau anomale, textile
Weight11.00 Kg
Estimated dating1sthalfxxe

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