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Double ritual bell Bamileke Kwifoyn (N° 17911)

Weapons, jewellery, coins, metal objects are inseparable from traditional African art. Metallurgy is intimately associated with the founding myths in many African cultures, such as blacksmiths who became kings (Zaire), the hammer anvil being the symbol of power among the Luba. Cult accessories, metal alloy gongs, some highly decorated, take on a wide variety of shapes. This double gong, in its simplicity, was a sacred instrument and the emblem of one of the many male societies of the people of Grassland, the Kwifoyn , whose headquarters adjoined the royal palace. The tinkling of wooden chopsticks on hollow metal heralded the beginning of ceremonies: communication with the supernatural world, ancestors, deities, could be established. Also objects of prestige, they accompanied the respect due to the chiefs. Old piece, wear and tear, thick crusty patina.
Source: Kings and sculptors of Western Cameroon Perrois and Notué.  

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OriginCollection française Beauduin
Material(s)vannerie, fer noir
Weight2.37 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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African art - Double ritual bell Bamileke Kwifoyn
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