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Double ritual cut Koopha Yaka (N° 17961)

The ritual consumption of palm wine in an individual cup, Kopa, Koopha , was the prerogative of the lineage officer or the matrilineal supreme leader at certain ceremonies, such as a wedding. It was then passed on to the next generation. This wide cut offers a figurative handle, the flanks are engraved with patterns forming checkerboards. This type of object incorporated the treasure of the feastia, prestigious objects symbolizing the status and reserved for the chiefdom. This kind of cut was also used in the Suku. (Fig.6 p.17 in Yaka Ed. 5Continents. ) Satin black brown patina, usage prints, eroded contours.
The Suku and Yaka ethnic groups, established in a region between the Kwango and Kwilu rivers in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo, have common origins and have similar social structures and cultural practices. The presence of holo and Kongo among them in some regions was also decisive in its influence on the artistic production of the Suku. Ref. : " The Art of a Continent Ed. Mr. Prestel. (p.256) .  

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African art - Double ritual cut Koopha Yaka
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