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Great Luba Water Pipe (N° 16617)

The object here-versus uses a water pipe. Its sculpted handle takes the form of a medium female figure, with classic Luba features, sporting traditional body scarifications, sitting qualifourchon on the head of the piece. Her hairstyle, behind a large headband delimiting a shaved forehead, evokes those of luba women at the beginning of the 20th century. His gesture symbolizes the power of Luba women, holders of the secrets of royalty (the bizila) and non-uniform, satin-like, brown spiritual mediums.
The Luba (Baluba in Chiluba) are a people of Central Africa. Their cradle is the Katanga, specifically the region of the Lubu River, so the name (Baluba, which means \  

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Originex-collection belge
Material(s)wood, metal
Weight0.90 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°
Socle includedYes

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African art - Great Luba Water Pipe
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