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Kongo loom (N° 18682)

Collection Belgian African art.
Imprinted with realism, the sculpted figures of the kongo clans translate the will to capture supernatural forces or to symbolize the relationship between the earthly world and the spiritual powers to which individuals are directed. The figurative motif at the top of the object is a kneeling couple, naked and devoid of body scarification and jewelry. The physiognomies are characteristic of kongo, distinguished by a wide-open gaze pierced by a pupil. The presence of this couple also reminds us of their interdependence in the art of weaving, with the man doing the weaving and the woman the embroidery. Thread remains on the bobbin. Lustrous mahogany brown patina. The Vili, the Lâri, the Sûndi, the Woyo, the Bembé, the Bwende, the Yombé and the Kôngo formed the group Kôngo, led by the king ntotela. Their kingdom reached its apogee in the 16th century with the trade of ivory, copper and slaves. With the same beliefs and traditions, they produced a statuary with codified gestures related to their vision of the world. Present along the Gabonese coast, the Vili broke away from the Kongo kingdom in the 16th century and the Loango kingdom became a powerful state. Now mostly urbanized, they still integrate traditional associations, depending on the cult of ancestors such as the Mbouiti or the Bieri.
Litt. "Initiates, Congo Basin" ed. Dapper Museum  

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OriginCollection Lenoir
Countryrdc ex zaire
Weight1.00 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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