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Dogon sun (N° 8180)

Superb Dogon sun, patina and visible oxidation.

About this subject, there is a remarkable story, the traditional symbolism found there, this one is narrated by Philippe Doussin

That was very long. At the time the sky was close to the earth, so close that evening, mothers took down the stars for children to play with before falling asleep.
At the beginning of this cycle of mankind, men could get without any trouble (for Heaven and Earth are closest "Rights") in contact with the metaphysical (heaven), because they were in nothing different from the primordial man (the Edenic state, generally known among all peoples traditional "ancestor") in connection with permanent Being (and the Supreme Principle). Children born in this state already, and all spiritual possibilities (stars) their were so easily accessible that they were playing.

At that time, therefore, shone 10 suns in the sky. The spiritual light was transmitted (and therefore belonged to them closely) by all beings (in the Far Eastern tradition 10 is defined as the number which contains all other numbers and by extension is the symbol of the cosmic totality), but the multitude No It was apparent, and was finally contained indiscriminately in the firmament.

One day a hunter so impudent agile, shot arrows at those suns. The becoming hunter, that is to say down to the level of individuality, usa space and time (the arrow movement is a symbol to designate the space - the path - and time -- succession of positions. It is also a symbol of the world's axis, which means that if a man shoots an arrow towards the sun - in principle image of the event - that he was far from one).
The two extracts above can also be translated this way: Possibilities of event contained in Principle indiscriminately, distinguishing itself by the descent along the axis of the world, giving birth to the multitude of beings.

He killed nine, the tenth escape the massacre and fled to hide. Principle, by the sacrifice of its unity, gives life to individual beings, but it is not achieved in its entirety by this sacrifice because it is always at least one sun. Or if we take yet another point of view, the multiplicity or distinction is apparent, and when we killed all the distinctions he remains unity (one sun) inaccessible and hidden from the eyes of profane (those who want to remain as the hunter, that is to say, to shoot arrows, so in the world of space and time, shape).

Then the night moved. And cold. Without sun, crops withered. It kills the distinction by renouncing the world of form, the world of the event which is under the sun. This is ultimately a death to this world and needs to move beyond the sun.

The Hogon met and addressed many prayers and performed many sacrifices to beg the sun to reappear. To go beyond and see the sun shine another light, one must perform acts consistent with the cosmic cycles, or conform to what the Supreme Principle has accomplished by his sacrifice to give rise to distinction. We must also work towards the field of metaphysics in the concentration of all terms of individuality (the prayer). Supplication is a deliberate policy for the individual to the spiritual realm. One can also see that the arrow from the sun is in the 7th solar radius which is the path that leads in sub-solar, and shows that if man is descended to the stage of distinct individual from the rest of the world it can also go to the supra-human.

Magnanimous, it took pity on the men agreed to come back and shine again. If the individual is qualified, ie whether its own possibilities allow him (that is what is meant by "magnanimous" and "Mercy", which indicate that man can only comply with principle which gives form that is necessarily out of his own will and so superhuman), then it will regain its status of primordial man, which once granted him from birth.

To thank him and commemorate this event, and remind the alliance with the Sun, a blacksmith created this gem, always worn by the Dogon in memory.
Traditional art is an avenue (authentic initiation) which, by the completion of work consistent with Principle (whose image in our world is the Sun) and maintaining the link which was given in the form of Spiritual influences (alliance) when the man left the Garden of Eden, can find the state of primordial man.

(Thanks to Philip Doussin)  

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OriginPièce récoltée "in situ" en 1983
Material(s)bronze africain, corde
Weight0.10 Kg
Estimated dating1ère halfxx°

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