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Boulou Statue (N° 13150)

The animal themes Boulou in the African art of Gabon
The arched attitude and hands resting on the abdomen give this African sculpture embodying the spirit of a primate a remarkable expressiveness. The irregular, eroded surface has a patina in the form of many dark crusty residues and the white kaolin that has the primate's appearance contrasts only slightly. Desication cracks.

Situated between Cameroon and Gabon, in the equatorial forest, the Boulou are part of the Fang ensemble. Like the Fangs of South Cameroon famous for their large white masks, the Boulou also practiced the Ngil ritual to combat witchcraft and poisoning. Ngi is the gorilla, a fearsome animal to which the applicant identifies after his acceptance into the secret society.  

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Originrécolté in-situ
Weight6.20 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1970

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