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Fipa figure (N° 20975)

Female bust whose head is topped with braids drawn towards the nape of the neck. The eyes are inlaid with glass; one of them is now missing. The relief of the face is concentrated in the median zone, while ears with circular auricles frame the physiognomy. The shoulders offer a touching asymmetry. Abraded grayish brown patina.
In the southern coastal region of Tanzania, around Dar-es-Salam, a relatively homogeneous group has produced most of the artistic output. It includes the Swahili, Kaguru, Doé, Kwéré, Luguru, Zaramo, Kami. The second region is formed by a territory covering the south of Tanzania to Mozambique, where some Makonde and Yao, Ngindo, Mwéra, and Makua live. In northeastern Tanzania, the Chaga, Paré, Chamba, Zigua, Maasai, Iraqw, Gogo, and Héhé have an artistic production with similarities to Malagasy and Batak art, which could be explained by trade by sea. The Luo, Kuria, Haya and Ziba, the Kéréwé, Karagwé, Sukuma and Nyamézi are established in the central western and central region of Tanzania. Along the shores of Lakes Tanganyika and Nyasa, and Lake Nyassa, the Ha, Jiji, Bendé, Tongwé, Holoholo, Fipa, Manbwé, Kondé, Kisi, and Ngoni produced figurative statues, terracotta sculptures, and masks inset with teeth.
Litt. L' Art tribal d' Afrique noire" J.B. Bacquart.  

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