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Ngombe / Zande statue (N° 20660)

Triangular forms for this male figure carried by wide crenellated legs. Between the arms arranged in a diamond shape, the umbilical capsule forms a protuberance. The round head, in which metal shines to indicate the eyes, is underlined by a fine "v" shaped beard.
Black patina, satin, locally abraded.

The artistic production of the Ngombe , relatively small, was marked by the influence of neighboring groups, Ngbandi and Ngbaka . These sculptures, magical fetishes for the most part, were said to be used by the diviner bendo to promote hunting. The Ngombe migrated from Lake Victoria to East Africa. After dispersing, some of them settled among the Ngala on the banks of the Zaire River.
Ref : "100 people of Zaire and their sculptyre" M.L. Félix.  

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Originex-collection belge
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, metal
Height cm36
Width11 cm
Weight0.95 Kg

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