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Cup carrier Luba Shankadi (N° 16361)

A kneeling female figure with a hemispheric container mboko , a gourd that was filled with kaolin, an image of purity and the spiritual world. These containers were used by different Luba societies, and groups of prophets, more generally by the mediums of the society of divination Kilumbu, Bilumbu , or by the healers of society Buhabo . The soothsayers Mbudye also used it. It was a matter, individually or collectively, to consult the spirits of the ancestors through specialists.
Red brown orange skate. Erosions, cracks on the cut.
According to P. Nooter, these figures, seated or kneeling as appropriate, also represented the soothsayer's wife, underscoring her importance in the divination process bilumbu . According to some Lubas, however, although a woman, she would represent the first soothsayer Luba, and would also be an allegory of royalty linked to the powerful society of the Mbudye associated with royal power. ("Luba" Roberts.)
The Lubas (Baluba in Chiluba) are a people of Central Africa. Their cradle is the Katanga, specifically the region of the Lubu River, so the name (Baluba, which means \  

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Originex-collection espagnole
Countryrdc ex zaire
Height cm28
Depth18 cm
Width13 cm
Weight0.45 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1950

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