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Boulou statue (N° 23159)

Ex-collection French African tribal art.
Animal sculptures in African art .
Embodying the spirit of the nkug forest, this protective statue depicts a naturalistic gorilla and her cub. Rounded volumes have been favored, the main subject rolling up maternally against the small one. Clay heaps mixed with baby bird down, residues of libation practices, remain on the surface. Colored highlights, desiccation cracks.
Located between Cameroon and Gabon, in the equatorial forest, the Boulou are part of the Fang-Beti group. Like the Fang of southern Cameroon famous for their large white masks, and in contact with the Bakwele of the extreme south-east of Cameroon, the Boulou also practiced the Ngi rite to fight against witchcraft and poisoning. Ngi is the gorilla, a formidable animal with which the candidate identifies after his acceptance into the secret society.



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OriginEx-collection française
Material(s)wood, amas argileux
Height cm45
Width18 cm
Weight1.95 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960

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