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Dogon Statue (N° 11163)

Private collection Recupero
The wide variety of African art production Dogon.
Statue seated, hands resting on the thighs. The belly is prominent, in reference to fertility. Above the excessively stretched neck the face has an angular styling whose soaring shape of the nose is characteristic of the Dogon. The crested hairstyle is incised with rafters. Heavily eroded wood, clear patina.
The main dogon religious leaders are the Hogon, priests of the lebed cult, dedicated to agriculture. One of the most important ceremonies of the lebe is called bulu; it celebrates the renewal and return of life, and takes place in the spring. The ancestors are honored through the cult binu, and give their benevolence in turn to their descendants. Blacksmiths and woodcarvers form a separate caste, and generally pass on their craft hereditaryally. Society, which fears them, assumes special powers for them. On the other hand, they marry only within their caste.  

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OriginCollection privée Recupero
Height cm50
Depth14 cm
Width13 cm
Weight2.04 Kg
Estimated dating1975

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