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Mambila statue (N° 20074)

Despite their small numbers, the thirty thousand Mambila (or Mambilla, Mambere, Nor, Torbi, Lagubi, Tagbo, Tongbo, Bang, Ble, Juli, Bea)(the "men", in Fulani), settled in northwestern Cameroon, have created a large number of masks and statues easily identifiable by their heart-shaped faces. Although the Mambila believe in a creator god named Chang or Nama, they worship only their ancestors. Their chiefs were buried in granaries like wheat because they were thought to symbolize prosperity. Masks and statues were not to be seen by women.
Surmounted by an animal head, this figure with a face studded with perforations, very expressionist, with exorbitant pupils, adopts the classic attitude of Mambila statuary: the hand resting on the chin. The massive crenellated legs take up the angular volume of the abdomen. Grainy patina, kaolin residues and ochre highlights. Restoration on one foot.  

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OriginEx-collection française
Height cm62
Width17 cm
Weight2.85 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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