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Statue Metoko / Lengola (N° 13843) Deposit sale

Ex-German tribal art collection.
The stylized African art of the forest tribes
Cubic volumes and sharp features make up a certain dynamic for this primitive metoko statue, whose characteristics are similar to Thengola sculptures. A face cut in flat, with hollowed-out orbits in the heart, is divided into two tones taken from the spots painted on the character's body, reminiscent of the bichrome of Gabon's masks. The feet sink into a circular base. Cracks. This male cult effigy is from the Metoko and Lengola, located in the center of the Congolese basin between the Lomami and Lualaba rivers, peoples of the primary forest dedicated to the worship of a single God, rare monotheism in Africa. Their company, Bukota, welcoming both men and women, is the equivalent of the association Bwami of Lega. Their sculptures, subject to the influence of the neighbouring Mbole, Lega and Binja, played a role in the initiation, funeral or circumcision ceremonies, and were then placed on the grave of high-ranking initiates. Each of these figures had an educational name and meaning, just like the Lega traditions. Sources: "Art and Life in Africa" C.D.Roy; "River Congo" F. Neyt.  

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OriginCollection allemande
Height cm74
Width15 cm
Weight3.60 Kg

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