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Statue Nyamézi (N° 14154)

Ex- african art collection form Luxemburg.
This human figure of long morphology offers a proportionally reduced head, in which hollowed-out eyes were generally encrusted with white beads. The size of the ears contrasts with a discreet appearance where the jaw forms a slight bulge. This type of statues, among the wide variety of tribal production of this region, participated in the worship of ancestors, and some played a role in traditional Seeker activities. Smooth and sainy patina revealing the veining of the wood, range of hot browns. Lacks, cracks.
The nyamwézi are made up of tribes of various origins that make up the most guarded group in central Tanzania, yet share the same cultural traits. They were involved in the 19th century in the caravan trade that crossed their territory Unyamwézi . They were therefore brought to travel from Congo (R.D.C.) coastal towns in the Indian Ocean, where they were described as "Nyamwézi", "men of the Moon" or "men of the West". Organized into villages run by chiefs, however, their spiritual life remained under the responsibility of the sorcerer.  

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Originex-collection luxembourgeoise
Height cm69
Width14 cm
Weight1.75 Kg
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