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Yaka Statue (N° 25168)

Among the Yaka regalia, this type of anthropomorphic container was used to store kaolin or other ingredients for the investiture of chiefs. The head composes the lid. Its belt brings together miniature subjects with a protective aim.
Light brown ocher crusty patina, polychrome highlights. Cracks, erosions.

Hierarchical and authoritarian, made up of formidable warriors, Yaka society was governed by lineage leaders with the right to life and death over their subjects. Hunting and the prestige that results from it are nowadays an opportunity for the Yaka to invoke the ancestors and to resort to rituals using charms linked to the "khosi" institution. The youth initiation society is the n-khanda, which is found among the eastern Kongo (Chokwe, Luba, etc.), and which uses various charms and masks for the purpose to ensure a vigorous lineage. Dedicating a special cult to twins, the Bayaka (Sing. Yaka) also use janiform statues called yikubu linked to the rites common to boys and girls. (C.M.Faïk-Nzuji, The Power of the Sacred)  

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OriginEx-collection néerlandaise
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, plant fibre
Height cm70
Width20 cm
Weight3.60 Kg

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