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Statue Yoruba (N° 14226)

This sculpture of African tribal art represents by its attitude an image of fertility. Facilitating communication with the sacred, it reminds the deity of his duties to men. Through the child she carries behind her back she symbolizes the protection of her people and fertility. Wearing braids arranged in crests, it also sports the three deep keloids of the Yoruba nobles on each cheek. The globular eyes, fleshy lips, are also distinctive markers of the tribal statuary Yoruba.
A lack is noted on one shoulder, polychrome crusty patina.
The Yoruba traded slaves with the Europeans and especially the Portuguese before being completely subjugated to the English following a long period of infighting between the various kings or oba in place. The main Yoruba cults are the Gelede, Epa, Ogboni, and the worship Esu, through which a very wide variety of deities intervene. In the Yoruba pantheon, Orunmila is the deity "orisa" that is consulted in case of problems through divination ifà . This type of sculpture with a cup containing sacred palm nuts was used in divination rites. Focused on the veneration of its gods, or orisà, the religion Yoruba relies on artistic sculptures with coded messages ( aroko). They are designed by sculptors at the request of followers, soothsayers and their customers. These spirits are supposed to intercede with the supreme god Olodumare.  

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Originex-collection Lagarde
Height cm74
Width18 cm
Weight4.85 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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