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Janiform Mumuye Statue (N° 12485)

The Mumuye in African Art South of the Benue River, in a region of difficult access that isolated them until 1950, are established the Mumuye, which are organized into family groups called dola.Their iagalagana statues were stored in a box reserved for this purpose, while another box, java, housed an individual with magical powers and surrounding himself with ritual objects related to his function and prestige.The characteristics of Mumuye figures which often erroneously attributed to the neighboring Chamba, are recognizable thanks to the cylindrical body, to the space formed by the disposition of the arms around the bust, with squat legs, and, in the majority of the cases, by the stylized cap with side sides. from the bust in two similar faces.The massive legs are supported by a strongly eroded base, this base being intended to be buried in order to protect harvest, also ensuring the protection of the family. Some were placed on altars, received sacrifices and libations, and could even perform a judicial function.  

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Originrécolté in-situ 1987
Height cm70
Width16 cm
Weight3.45 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960
Socle includedYes

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