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The eyes of this African statuette sculpted by the Ngbaka or the neighbouring Ngbandi were originally encrusted with fragments of seashells or glass. This statuette probably represents Nabo , a spirit that ensures the fertility and healing of children, protecting hunting and harvesting. She was also at the center of cult dances, accompanied or not by a figure embodying Seto . Missing on one foot. Velvet brown patina, nuanced with red ochre.
Tribu located on the left bank of Ubangui, in northwestern Congo, the Sudanese-speaking Ngbaka practice agriculture, and their artistic achievements were inspired by those of the neighbouring tribes, with a distinctive feature however, the line of the front dotted with linear keloids. Young people are prepared for adult life through rituals called " gaza" and trained by former initiates, bugaza. Their statues usually represent the primordial ancestors, Seto and his sister Nabo, and are installed on altars for propitiatory rites. They also produced everyday objects and anthropomorphic musical instruments.  

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OriginCollection belge
Height cm32
Width11 cm
Weight0.85 Kg
Estimated datingmid xxe

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