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Statue Ngbaka (N° 14747)

The Ngbaka in African art.

Farmers, they are part of a group of various ethnic groups located on the left bank of Ubangui, in the extreme northwest of Congo. Their artistic achievements, very diverse but with few masks, were inspired by those of the neighbouring tribes. Young people are prepared for adult life through rituals called "gaza" and trained by former initiates, the bugaza. Their statues usually represent the primordial ancestors Sèto and his sister-wife Nabo , or the god Gàlè guarantor of fertility. They are placed on altars for rites 'a target' _blank' href''-propitiatory.
Abeland on short legs apart, the figure with the column bust has arms equally separated from the body. The prominent tenon umbilical evokes lineage, the genitals are detailed. A scarred face, a cross-sectional crest in braided shells, hollowed-out eye sockets in the heart where coffee bean eyelids are hollowed out, a rectangular nose and a prognathic jaw giving an impression of determination form the characters of this small statuette. Particularly satin patina, revealing a delicate veining. Missing on one foot.  

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Originex-collection suisse
Height cm28
Width7 cm
Weight0.30 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1950

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