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Ashanti Akua ba doll from Ghana (N° 21115)

Fertility wishes in African art Ashanti.
This stylized female figure, called Akua'ba (plural Akua'mma), has features peculiar to Ashanti dolls, generally devoid of legs: flat, circular head surmounting a cylindrical bust framed by horizontal arms. Fine colored bead necklaces contrast with the satin black patina.
These stylized wooden effigies were worn by pregnant women, tightly wrapped in their loincloths, to ensure the arrival of healthy children. The overwhelming majority of these statues have female attributes.

The Ashanti are one of the ethnic groups of Ghana (formerly the "Gold Coast"), part of the Akan group, inhabiting a region covered by forests. Like other populations living in the central and southern part of Ghana, they speak a language of the Twi group. This people consider the woman to be the final arbiter of all decisions. Fertility and children are the most common themes represented in Ashanti wood carvings.


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Origincollection britannique
Material(s)wood, perles
Height cm38
Width16 cm
Weight0.25 Kg

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