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This category is dedicated to ritual and tribal objects in the world outside Africa.

Hopi Mask
African art > Art of the world > Hopi Mask

Witnesses to the traditions of the Hopi Indian peoples of Arizona, Katsinam sculpted objects (song. Kachina) are expressed during traditional dances accompanying the annual rain festivals. This mask topped with Hopi-type doll statuettes, flanked by movable panel ears and a protruding "beak", is cut with slit pupils outlined in black. The hues would indicate the nature of the spirit represented. The patina is matte, velvety, with drying cracks and abrasions.

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Mask Nepal
African art > African mask, tribal art, primitive art > Mask Nepal

Mahakala (en tibétain Ginpo) "le grand temps" ou Nagpo Chenpo ( en tibétain) "le grand noir" est pour les adeptes du bouddhisme tantrique une incarnation du dieu hindou Shiva converti au bouddhisme. Sa physionomie effrayante est souvent représentée dans les monastères, sur les murs au-dessus des portes d'entrée des lieux communautaires. Ce masque doté de traits grossièrement façonnés, volontairement déformés, renvoie en effet à une créature monstrueuse.

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Kharal Bowl
African art > Art of the world > Kharal Bowl

Singular object of oblong shape intended for pouring opium water, the tip pierced throughout its length forming a neck. It is a social accessory used during ceremonies welcoming guests of the same caste, in Pakistan and northern India. Beautiful glossy patina of use. For more information: "Drinking opium, a ritual of hospitality in northern India" Sandrine Prévot.

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