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African art - Bassikassingo:

The migration of peoples has brought together the Bembe, Lega, Buyu, Bayon Binji and Bangubangu in one place. However, the Bassikassingo are not thought to be of Bembe origin but may belong to the Buyu people. The Bassikassingo are organised into lineages and associations, like the Bwami among the Lega. The traditions and rituals of the Bembe and Boyo are relatively similar. They worship the spirits of nature and the ancestors. In addition, they take advantage of the hunt to make various sacrifices in gratitude to the spirits. The Bassikassingo produced numerous objects; masks, statuettes, stools... Their masks are particularly distinguished by a crenellation representing the beard.

Statuette Bembe/Bassikassingo
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African art > African statues : tribal fetish, maternity > Bassikassingo fetish

Ex-collection German African art.
The influence of migratory movements in African art. Geometrical structure for an unusual morphology. Triangular volumes are intertwined to represent a head and a bust, the arms being absent. This succession of angles is supported by half-bent legs. The face is bordered by a narrow crenellation representing the beard, specificity of the Bassikassingo statuary embodying ancestors. Glossy patina.
Migratory flows have mixed within the same territories Bembe, Lega, Buyu (Buye) or Boyo, Binji and Bangubangu. The Bassikassingo, considered by some as a sub-clan of the Buyu, are not of Bembe origin although they live on their territory, as Biebuyck's work has made it possible to trace their history. Organized in lineages, they borrowed the ...

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