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African art - Ngata:

Currency Ngata Ikakalaka
African art > Coins in bronze, black iron and other materials > Wangata Currency

This metal object, somewhat reminiscent of a sword, served as currency among the Ngata or Wangata of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Ngata also had, at the beginning of the 20th century, copper bracelets which were used as currency in the Mongo groups.
In Africa, before the colonial period, payments were never made in coins. Transactions were carried out using cowries, pearls, cattle, kola nuts, but also metals, especially iron. These primitive currencies were used during commercial and social exchanges, for dowries in particular, but could also constitute parade objects or throwing weapons. In Sierra Leone, goods were valued against iron bars called barriferri. The king generally controlled the production or delivery of the kingdom's currency. The ...

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Ngata Bakuma Statues
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African art > African statues : tribal fetish, maternity > Ngata Bakuma Statues

Piece from the collection of African art Emmanuel Philippe Salembier.

Such statues named Bonganga-Nganga are for rythes funeral.

These coffins are réaslisées statues in honor of dignitaries, often distinguished hunters.

And the remains of the deceased are exhumed and placed in these statues. These are placed in huts on the same location of the graves.

Such statues are distinguished by a large polychrome.

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