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African art - Nyanga:

Nyanga Mambela Introductory Mask
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African art > African mask, tribal art, primitive art > Nyanga Mask

The arrangement of the circular ears at the outer corner of the eyes forms a specificity of this Mambela mask of Nyanga from the Kisangani region (e.g. Stanleyville). In addition to the groove engraved in the centre of the face, fine star motifs evoke the scarifications or tattoos of the group. Patina matte abrased.
In the Kivu forest of R.D.C., the Nyanga are native to Uganda, of Bahunde origin. The Hunde migration mixed them with the Lega living in the region. A patrilineal society, they live in the Kumu and Pere and live on hunting and agriculture. Their pottery and basketry produced by women are renowned. Many cults structure their religious life: the one associated with the god of fire, the aquatic serpent, and the spirits of nature. Circumcision and initiation ceremonies are ...

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