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African art - Toussian:

Toussian Loniake/Mpie Mask
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African art > African mask, tribal art, primitive art > Tussian Mask

Famous mask Toussian Loniaken , called mpie, renowned in African art for having inspired the Headbird of Max Ernst. This type of mask is becoming rarer because of the Islamization of the region.
Lie to the cult of Lo or Do (funeral rites), these masks of the Toussian or Tussian, small group of southwestern Burkina Faso, are worn by the young initiates to symbolize the protective spirit of the clan of the insider. They also go out during the funeral in order to drive out evil spirits from the village. When they are not worn they are suspended in the houses. Their neighbours, the Siamou, have similar masks they call sira kono. At the top of this mask is a bird's head, probably a calao. The flat face in itself shows the stylized wings of a bird. Its perimeter is lined with perforations ...

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