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African art - Vere:

Statuette Vere, Duru, in bronze alloy
African art > Bronze, leopard, messenger, warrior, statue, pirogues > Vere bronze

This rare statuette depicting an androgynous being with strangely webbed feet and hands offers a face with prominent features, characterized by bulbous eyelids, pointed, horizontal ears, and a sagittal crest. The body is adorned with linear scarifications in checkerboard pattern originating from the neck. The latter is outlined with a torque, while a belt marks the hips and ankle rings the legs.
The Vere , Verre , Were, Duru-Verre, or Dii, live in northeastern Nigeria, in the state of Adamawa (formerly Gongola), and in northern Cameroon. This very small population lives in circular huts grouped in fortified villages.
The Vere statuettes, whose function remains unknown, are rare, and present analogies with the works produced by the Mumuye, their close neighbors ...

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