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African art - Zaramo:

Doll Zaramo Mwana hiti
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African art > African Dolls > Poupée Zaramo

The Zaramo and the tribes around them have designed dolls generally associated with fertility, but to which other virtues would be attributed. Its primary role is played during the period of imprisonment of the young zaramo insider. The novice will behave with regard to the object as with a child, and will dance with him during the closing ceremonies of the initiation. If the young woman does not conceive, she will adopt the child. In the Zaramo, this sculpted motif is taken up at the top of the canes, decorates ritual objects and even appears on burial poles. The shape is recurrent, a stylized head, with a dobule or single crest, overcoming a tubular bust devoid of arms where the breasts and umbilical are indicated by a slight relief. The use of pearls is common in the ornamention of the ...

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