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African art - Bakongo:

In the Congo, Iboga is a drug with a great influence on Bakongo social life. According to the natives, an initiate cannot be part of the cult if he has not seen Bwiti, and the only way to see Bwiti is to eat Iboga. The very complex ceremonies and dances associated with its consumption vary from place to place. Iboga is also used by the Bakongo in other aspects of the Bwiti cult, including the control of events. Witchdoctors take it to go to the spirit world for information, and cult leaders consume it before seeking advice from the ancestors. The sorcerer eats iboga to be a good intercessor between the living and the dead.

Bakongo powder container
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The Solongo cultures of Angola and Yombé were largely influenced by the Kongo kingdom from which they borrowed the naturalistic statuary and religious rites, in particular by means of carved nkondo nkisi fetishes. Piriform container with a cap, for powder, therapeutic ingredients or ointments. It is surmounted by a seated female figure, finely sculpted. It is probably the symbol of the mythical ancestor associated with fertility cults. Juxtaposition of decorative motifs engraved on the walls of the object. Matt patina. In the 13th century, the Kongo people, led by their king Ne Kongo, settled in a region at the crossroads of the present-day DRC, Angola and Gabon. Two centuries later, the Portuguese came into contact with the Kongo and converted their king to Christianity. ...

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