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African art - Bankoni:

In the southern Sahara, the region of the interior Niger delta was home to a remarkable civilisation whose centres were Djenne and Timbuktu. The arts developed over the course of successive empires that were enriched by trans-Saharan trade, influencing other regions of Mali, including the area between Bamako and Segou.

Bankoni Statuette
African art > Terracotta, jar, amphora, funerary urn > Bankoni Statuette

Less famous in African art than the terracotta Djenne, this piece comes directly from a field of excavation of the region of Bankoni, area between Bamako and Ségou in Mali, and which gives its name to the play.

It is a seated figure with minimalist shapes, whose lower limbs have feet like oversized palms. The arms are truncated on both sides of a chest. Under the face a small protuberance could be a beard. The sketchy face has enormous ears, a recurring feature in African sculpture, related to the perception of the spiritual world. A ridge sketch emphasizes his skull. What could have been a penis is absent today. The piece, which was probably modeled with no tools other than the fingers, has undergone archaeological repairs. The whole is covered with an orange patina, ...

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