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African art - Bariba:

There are very few statues from the Bariba ethnic group in the Borgou region of Benin. Often, always in a devotional position and with a light honey patina caused by the libations of oil, shea butter.

Bariba figurine
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African art > African statues : tribal fetish, maternity > Bariba figurine

Statues of the Bariba (Baatonu), a group living in the Borgou region in northern Benin, are infrequent.
It is a female statue in a kneeling position, an attitude indicating devotion. The features are reminiscent of the Vinavi twin figures of the Ewe. In addition to the facial scars, carefully traced incisions on the back form geometric patterns depicting traditional scarifications.
Smooth, clear patina, resulting from frequent ritual libations composed of Shea oil and kaolin. We find a quality decoration, old glass beads.
Piece collected "in situ" in 1980 and dating from the 1970s. Desication cracks.

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